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Why are we so obsessed with what celebrities wear to court?

Why are we so obsessed with what celebrities wear to court?

Actress Winona Ryder arrives at the Beverly Hills Superior Court for her trial on charges of alleged grand theft...

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Most events have a dress code dictated by formal surroundings, but as notable trials have demonstrated, what celebrities wear to court may say a lot about subversive themes. Ivanka Trump was called before the New York State Supreme Court last week to provide testimony in a civil real estate fraud prosecution against her father, Donald Trump. Ivanka entered the courtroom wearing a black jacket with padding over her shoulders, matching pants, and black pumps with sharp toes. Despite the attorneys’ best efforts to keep her from testifying, she was unable to recollect most of the incidents that were brought up. Even if the troubled former president’s daughter chose not to make a bold fashion statement, her choice of attire begs the following question:What do you wear when you’re subpoenaed to testify against your father in one of his many upcoming trials?

The public has frequently questioned what celebrities wear to court or what any individual should wear, either voyeuristically or sadly. Joan Didion said in her essay The White Album’s title that she went to the now-closed department shop I. Magnin to purchase a trial dress for Linda Kasabian, a follower of Charles Manson who watched over the killings at Cielo Drive. “Not very little, but not tiny at all. Ideally in velvet. Gold or emerald green. Alternatively: A smocked or embroidered Mexican peasant-style dress,” Kasabian asked.

The mystery surrounding prominent court procedures and what people wear to them even after the Manson trials ended. With the success of Jury Duty, which starred James Marsden as a parodied version of himself, Kim Kardashian fulfilling her civic duty by reporting for her own jury duty, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s well publicized ski trial, celebrities in the courts appear to be more interesting in 2023 than ever before. However, the path to this point has been established by previous famous people.

NEW YORK NEW YORK NOVEMBER 08 Ivanka Trump former President Donald Trump's daughter enters New York State Supreme Court...

David Dee Delgado

When Winona Ryder appeared in court in the fall of 2002, she was wearing an A-line skirt from Marc Jacobs’s fall 2001 collection that dropped below the knee and a black long sleeve shirt with a pink and white trompe l’oeil collar. Even though the garment was instantly controversial, most people would consider it to be perfectly modest court wear. Ryder went on trial for stealing $5,500 worth of goods from Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, including apparel designed by Marc Jacobs. Nonetheless, the look’s sheer daring paid off: Ryder starred in Jacobs’s spring 2003 campaign and was featured on the cover of W in a graphic shirt that said “Free Winona” in May 2002.

Many people get to watch how larger-than-life personalities handle pressure by watching celebrity trials, some of which take place at their darkest hours. Famous people’s fashion choices might take a few different turns when they openly dispute that they are subject to the law. Some choose to dress in a more somber, neutral style that aims to humanize them and make them appear serious and polite; others choose to wear more in line with their personas, dressed to draw attention that they are certain to get.

LOS ANGELES CA JULY 06 Actress Lindsay Lohan attends a probation revocation hearing at the Beverly Hills Courthouse on...

David McNew

PARK CITY UTAH MARCH 24 Actress Gwyneth Paltrow enters the courtroom for her trial on March 24 2023 in Park City Utah....


Some people can’t handle pressure well. Lindsay Lohan attended a 2010 probation conference and punishment for skipping treatment sessions for her 2007 DUI. She dressed appropriately for the court, wearing a gray cardigan, black pants, black peep-toe heels, and a black cowl neck. However, “fuck you” was scrawled over the polish on her middle finger.

Some people step up to the plate. Gwyneth Paltrow was put on trial earlier this year in Deer Valley, Utah, after retired ophthalmologist Terry Sanderson filed a $300,000 lawsuit against her about a ski accident in 2016. Paltrow responded with a lawsuit for $1 plus legal costs. (Sanderson was judged to be at blame.) Even though most people thought the trial was pointless, Paltrow’s outfit attracted attention.

The creator of Goop embraced après ski style, with sleek suits, long pleated skirts, and neutral sweaters. Paltrow’s elegantly tailored and accessorized courtwear demonstrated that court attire can also be stylish.

NEW YORK NY JUNE 25 Cardi B leaves her arraignment on two felony assault counts and other misdemeanors at Queens County...

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NEW YORK NEW YORK DECEMBER 10 Cardi B is seen arriving at Queens Criminal Court on December 10 2019 in New York City.

Alessio Botticelli

NEW YORK NY JANUARY 17 Cardi B departs Queens Court after not meeting her requirements for her misdemeanor guilty plea...

David Dee Delgado

All the meantime, Cardi B sprinted the other way. The rapper had her day in court, even though she avoided the spectacle that would have been a trial by entering a guilty plea to two counts arising from a brawl at a strip club. She brought a neon pink and white Birkin bag and appeared to be wearing an undershirtless navy and pink suit for her arraignment. She appeared in court again earlier this year after breaking the terms of her plea agreement. She was wearing an oversized furry black hat, Louboutins, a white button-up with a thin black tie, and a sweeping black coat with feathers and a long train.

She also wore a floor-length white fur coat and a tight white long-sleeved dress with white Louboutins on another occasion. While some people laughed at the expressions and said they made fun of the legal system, others said they were instantly iconic and showed Cardi B staying loyal to who she is.

Celebrities are the best judges of the power of perception; their courtroom manner may make or break a defendant’s impression on the judge, jury, and public opinion court. The price difference between six-inch Louboutins and four-inch Bebe heels, which retail for $29, is enormous, as Alexis Neiers is well aware.

LAS VEGAS SEPTEMBER 20 Attorney David Chesnoff and Paris Hilton arrive at the Clark County Regional Justice Center...

Paris Hilton pled guilty on two misdemeanors, drug possession and obstructing an officer. Jacob Andrzejczak

NEW YORK JUNE 27 Supermodel Naomi Campbell leaves Manhattan Criminal June 27 2006 in New York City. Campbell is charged...

Naomi Campbell at her 2006 trial for second-degree assault after she allegedly threw a cell phone at her housekeeper.

UNITED STATES JANUARY 29 Martha Stewart center is accompanied by her daughter Alexis Stewart left as she arrives on...

Martha Stewart carries a Birkin while on trial for obstruction of justice, 2004.



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